10 Questions with Stuart


1. Why are you running now?


I believe that I can bring a new leadership paradigm to government that is rooted in the preservation of our individual freedoms, whilst leveraging the application of logical thought and concern for an overall improvement of our society and State.


2. What political experience do you have?


I have run for office in the past (Elected in Philadelphia as a Republican Committeeman and ran for election in Beverly Hills for City Council / Mayor).


3. Are you for or against Campus Carry and why?


The right to bear arms (to carry) is intrinsic to our constitution and perpetuation of our Republic. Outside of assuring that we verify the absence of any psychological instability or criminal background of a citizen interested to purchase firearms, the ability to exercise this right should be as easy to exercise as your right to free speech!

Generally, I believe our legislative environment should provide the right of a private real property owner (such as a privately owned industrial campus) to be able to set forth if they will allow concealed or open carry of fire arms on their industrial or educational campuses. However, where such campuses provide no level of armed security services for their tenants and visitors, the law should function in a manner to allow tenants and visitors to carry (concealed or open) firearms in order to protect themselves. The law must function in a manner consistent with assuring the protection of the right to bear arms in concern with protecting personal property rights of the property owner.


Public policy concerning publicly owned areas ought to allow the free exercise of all of our constitutional and legislatively provisioned rights. Only in such instances as where there is a compellingly substantiated government interest (for example a publicly owned mental hospital, Department of the Treasury money minting plants, etc…) should there be exceptions to one’s right to bear arms.

It is also important that we work toward modifying HIPPA and other laws to insulate and indemnify local governments and medical providers from liability when providing mental health medical information to investigators conducting background checks. Once a decision is made using such information its destruction ought to be immediate. However, I would give the applicant the right to choose if his information is retained at a classified level by the government or if it will be destroyed. If the applicant were to choose to allow the government to retain his investigatory information as related to mental health medical records, it should serve to expedite any future investigation for renewal of their permit. In such instances where medical health records stand indicative of mental health issues, I would think perhaps we might wish to review how that information could be retained while protecting the rights of the individual.


4. Do you feel the State of Nevada has adequate funds for our schools?


Nevada spends half of what the national average is per student on education.


I believe that we need to take a rather microscopic and complete review of why the schools in Nevada are not meeting the intended educational goals that we would all prefer them to meet. We all like to talk in strict manners about funding, although, it is also incumbent upon us to review issues of school management, our tactical plan with respect to dealing with behavioral issues, curriculum, and what mix of private, quasi-public, and public education can offer the greatest success.


5. What are 3 fundamentals you have built your campaign platform on?


1) Raising the level of economic prosperity and personal wealth we can all aspire to achieve through fiscal responsibility


2) Leadership through logic and thoughtful consideration of legislative effect and individual rights

3) Attention to the personal needs of all Nevadans.rward I consider every voter a lobbyist, as I intend to listen to the voice of all my constituents inside and outside my district. Feel free to contact my campaign and schedule a personal call to discuss the issues you find to be important!


6. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?


I believe the decision as to if abortion should be legal or illegal ought to be decided on a State by State basis or via Federal Constitutional Amendment. It is important for such constitutional issues that are also policy issues (as opposed to constitutional issues that are merely a review of the legal technicalities) be resolved most directly by the people.

Personally, I would pray that any woman that was pregnant with my son or daughter would never choose to have an abortion. I would give her all the choices I could (even being willing to pay her as a surrogate Mother would be) and the ability to waive and abandon her parental rights to convince her to have the child if she insisted.

If a constitutional amendment were to be passed legalizing abortion, I would at least feel better that the people of our country made this choice in aggregate, as opposed to its having been done by the courts. We need to remember, its “We the People” not “We the Courts.”


7. Many veterans are coming home to find no or under employment in Nevada.  What is your strategy to help put our veterans back to work? 


First, it is worthy of notation that I am a US Naval Reservist and my views towards Veterans’ benefits are of course, at minimum, prejudiced in favor of Veterans.
Thus, indeed we must make sure that Veterans (as beneficiaries) receive the substantiation of what is promised to them, I believe governmental leadership has a responsibility to the taxpayers to assure that these benefits are distributed and administered in a manner consistent with their intended enactment and in a manner consistent with fiscal responsibility.


8. What is one change you feel necessary for District 5?


All the changes in leadership and our improvements to our legislative environment will intent upon impacting the all of District 5 and our district’s goals are intended to have impact throughout the State.


9. How do you feel being a Navy Reservist has prepared you for becoming an Assemblyman?


I believe that the military service of any elected official provides excellent leadership opportunities and a rather particular view into the realization of how legislative action and inaction as juxtaposed against the backdrop of effects on the government workers, the end recipient of governmental services, and the issues at play with acquisition during funding reductions and fluctuations.


Petty Officer cer First Class (PO1) Stuart Blake Tener is a member of the US Navy Reserve. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.


10.  Where do you stand on creation of new taxes and if so, for what reason?


There is no manner by which any governmental entity can work in pursuance of provisioning the intended benefits to the full aggregate of its citizens in the absence of being funded to do so. Thus, there is a rather compelling need to have a vehicle for taxation. However, it is the ultimate responsibility of the executive and legislative branches to assure that money is being spent in a frugal and meaningful way.

I believe that there are other manners by which the State can and must exhaust in precedence to considering the choice of additional taxation vehicles. Budget reduction, improved efficiency, cost cutting, and reduction of unused or thinly used governmental services are all good starts.