Hello,  I am Stuart Tener and I appreciate so greatly that you have taken the time to visit my site and read about the many issues our great state is facing, and my ideas and solutions to these issues.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, have been working in that field as consultant for over 25 years. Additionally, I have been 15 years a US Navy Reservist (my running for office in no way reflects an endorsement from the US Navy, I am simply a concerned citizen). I also have been involved with public service for my entire life, volunteering and working within political circles.

Having moved to Nevada in late 2006, I care deeply about my community and wish to serve my government and neighbors with honor and distinction.

With that said, let me get right into my opinions and experiences, which have motivated me to run for Assembly District 5.

Have any of you ever heard of the British dream? The Canadian Dream? The French Dream? Of course not…we are the greatest country in the world! We just need to remember that our diminished economic standing is a result of failed policies, not our own lacking capabilities that require the government to help us!


I am one of your candidates to represent Assembly District 5 in the State Assembly. For over 25 years I have labored as a Computer Scientist and for the last 15 years have also been a US Naval Reservist (although the Department of Defense does not specifically endorse my campaign). I was born in Philadelphia, PA, and have been a citizen of The Great State of Nevada since 2006!


So, what makes me special? Well, if you ask my Jewish Mother…she’ll say everything!


However, as it relates to my campaign, I believe that a new brand of leadership in due in our State, one which exudes fiscal responsibility, logic, thoughtfulness, and the strengthening of all our individual rights. Representing the interests of everyone of my constituents is paramount and is what has impelled me to run for elected office. Make no mistake that if I am blessed with the privilege of being elected to represent you in the State Assembly I will do so to the greatest capability I can muster and compelling dedication to the concerns of you, the voters…my new bosses!


The job of government can be most precisely summarized as defending our people and providing all citizens with the tools they need to have a fair and competitive opportunity to do great things for our society. One such area where we must focus in our State is surely Education, as we find ourselves rated by Education Week as the worst State or Commonwealth to provide children with a chance for success. With both my parents having been school teachers with Masters in Education and having been active in the Teachers Union, I am well aware of the concerns of the NEA and teachers. Lets simplify this, consider your concerned fully understood and addressed!


In conclusion let me ask you to review tener4assembly.com, so that you can read for yourself about some of the ideas that I stand for. Now therefore, I suggest that each of you has now become a lobbyist and is in the unique position to influence your future representatives. Take advantage, contact my campaign and schedule an appointment for a personal phone call. Thank you taking your valuable time to listen to me, and I sincerely hope that you find my campaign refreshing and worthy of your vote.


Very respectfully submitted…to you…the voter!