The Issues

  1. Nevada capitolWhat are your top three priorities as a candidate?
  • Coherence policy of economic growth and fiscal responsibility
  • Enhancement of homeland security and public safety aparatus
  • East of access to representatives and government leaders

   2.  What’s your position on NRS 288 (in relation to Nevada’s collective          bargaining laws)?

  • Whilst everyone understands that there would be a huge ostensibly risk to public safety if government offices or county first responders could choose to go on strike, this must be balanced with a tendency to lean in the direction of assuring that the collective bargaining rights of state and county workers are afforded.  Indeed the preservation of such collective bargaining rights of those workers is certainly important, I also believe that a balance must be struck with fiscal responsibility.

 3.   What are your thoughts regarding the privatization of public sector       jobs?

  • The privatization of public sector jobs does offer the temptation of cost savings most assuredly. However, to what extent? Am I upset about the fact that trash collection in Las Vegas is privatized? Not at all. Yet, public safety and public governance jobs need to remain public sector jobs.  Certainly a review of the states financial standing and surgical precision evaluation of where cost savings can be gained whilst not risking public safety or the privacy of the publics records at large is worthy of review.



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